As Seen On TV Kettlebell Bombshell VOL 1&2

As Seen On TV DVD Special 

Kettlebell Bombshell Vol 1&2 only $19.99 plus Shipping and Processing.

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 Swings, Cleans, High Pulls, Clean Squat Push Press and Half Turkish Get Up's.


Vol 2 instruction for advanced exercises like ;Jerks, Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Swing Catch Squat, Renegade Rows, The Full Turkish Get Up, Kettlebell Burpees and MORE! 


Each DVD has 3 Workouts:

Vol 1 Workouts

Lower Body, Upper Body and Cardio Circuit Training

Each workout is 18 minutes and can be done twice if desired but not necessary. 

Vol 2 Workouts

Double Kettlebell Workout, H.I.I.T and Full Body Sculpting with Abdominals and stretching for cool down. Each workout is 35-40 minutes long! 


Each DVD has 3 Follow Along Workouts To Get You In Shape Fast! Order TODAY!!!! 


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 Preview Exercises On Vol 2 in this video 




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