Training For Kettlebell Competition

Jan 7, 2013 14:585 years ago

I'm so lucky to have a great and knowledgable coach like Marty. He is amazing and has improved my technique in Snatch so that I can actually perform ten minute sets. Everytime you train improperly you will get an injury. Many people experience this with the Snatch, it's usually ripped hands and that is a technique issue. You have to learn the proper way to catch the bell as it descends and if it's wrong, you will tear your hands open like a gymnast on the uneven bars. 

Kettlebell Competition is gaining popularity in this country and who knows, maybe one day it will become an Olympic event. Above I am posting my ten minute set that I did with 10 kgs over 80 repetions each side. Now you don't have to watch the entire video, but I want you to see how important this is so that you can do more with your sets and maybe you are interested in becoming a Kettlebell Sport Competitor as well. 

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