Adding Recipes to my Blog

Apr 21, 2013 21:305 years ago

I am happy to announce that I will be adding a nutrition section to my blog.


I have been working with many different clients throughout my career. I have helped them all attain their fitness goals. Some of them are athletes who require sports nutrition. Weight-loss clients who want to change their body composition,  and Figure competitors who need to be ready for the stage.

No matter what type of goal you have, your nutrition will always play a major role. All workouts are 99% effective if the nutrition is 100% accurate for the fitness goal.

Helping people is always something that I have been passionate about. Changing their lives, by giving them the Master Key to success with diet and exercise, is a pleasure for me when they take this knowledge and move towards their goal without looking back. 

"It's better to teach you how to fish rather than give you fish" that is something that all of us have heard at least once in our lifetime and as we all know the rewards come from doing things on our own. Cooking for yourself and learning how to feed your family in a way that taste delicious and is still healthy, is something that everyone should learn!

This is a skill and also a necessity! You can do the most for yourself and the most for your family by taking the steps toward living a healthy lifestyle. 



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