Jump start January with a Phenomenal Fitness Goals

Jan 7, 2013 21:175 years ago

So January is here and you are trying to step up your training program ,since the holidays have wrecked havoc on your nutrition plan. It's very normal to go off of your regular plan and indulge in deserts and other holiday treats. I was a sugar Cookie Monster growing up and still love them around the holidays. 

Yes ,well as I have told you before, I love pizza, muffins, egg nog and the list goes on and on, but when it's time to seriously train for a Figure Competition or Kettlebell Sport Meet, I have to change everything about my lifestyle and get focused! 

I just recently decided to compete in Kettlebell Sport Competition after taking 18 months off from training. I was still working out hard, but Girevoy Sport (GS) is an endurance sport like no other. You can't head into it without a game plan, and if you're serious, that takes months of preparation. 


I decided to try Snatch instead of Clean and Jerk (Long Cycle) I have never competed in this event because it's the most difficult exercise for me. I actually hate it and decided to get really good at it instead. This is the way I overcome my weaknesses and make it my strength. 


You can do the exact same thing with your own training. For example, say you have great arms but your back muscles are weak, try to focus on doing pull ups. This will build strength and still works your arms. If you always do cardio but skip the weight room, try to weight train at a faster pace or superset, this way you get the aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Muscle burns fat and speeds up your metabolism ,which allows you to eat more calories too.


 What ever your goals are write them down!! Honestly make a list and however small it may seem, start with THAT and make it your first step to a bigger goal. Shake up your training and get help with your nutrition. Download the My Fitness Pal App on your smart phone so you can track your calories, workouts and progress. This app is awesome, you can use it to interact with your friends, share ideas and interact with one another. You can be on my friend list too ;) 


Make 2014 the year that you accomplish something phenomenal with your fitness! If its to run a 5 K, join a gym or fit into a swimsuit just DO IT!! 

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