Goodbye 2012! A New Year, A New You!

Dec 31, 2012 19:585 years ago

Well today is the last time we will ever have to write 2012!

I love the New Year! The possibilities are endless and we can dream big and follow our hearts into the future. 

For some of us it will mean a resolution of workouts, weight loss and working on ourselves. I am aiming for my own goals and they are to compete in Girevoy Sport and achieve a higher rank in the IKFF or IKSFA organization. 

I also want to build a community on my website where you all can come and interact with each other and myself. I want the members to have special perks that a regular guest will not have without being registered. I want to make lots of changes and I want them to benefit YOU! 

I will be posting lots more workouts and fitness tips to help you achieve YOUR goals too! 

This video blog I posted on my YouTube channel and I will share it with you here. 

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for a great 2012 and an even better 2013!!

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