Winter Weight Loss Plan

Habits to adopt for success in weight loss

Successful people often adopt habits that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.


In the words of Aristotle "We are what we repeatedly do; therefore excellence then, is not an act but a habit."


Every time we decide upon a goal
Weight loss
• Get in better shape
•Eat Healthy
•Compete in a sport

No matter what you're doing , there will be habits that you need to have, and do ,every single day in order to reach your goal.


If you are trying to lose weight you're going to have to watch what you eat every single day.

Adopt healthier eating habits
Eat Lean Protein

•Cut out refined sugars and simple carbohydrates

•Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

•Drink plenty of water

If you only change your nutrition you can lose weight but if you add exercise 3-5 days per week, it will happen much faster and you will also give your body a nicer shape. 


What role does exercise play? 

Your workout cannot be responsible for what you put on your plate. There is no workout or special "thing" to do that will magically burn off the bad habits you have created. These habits must be changed from unhealthy to healthy. Exercise is what shapes your body and all of your muscles while your nutrition determines what size your body will be. 


If you exercise without dieting you will build muscle but it will appear bulky because fat will be covering the muscle. Think of it as a piece of marbled steak. There is fat inside of the muscle, underneath and all around it.
This fat needs to be burned off to show your lean physique. If you keep training your body will change but when you change your nutrition to build muscle, the muscle will help you to burn more fat.


Muscle is a win win situation.

For every pound of lean muscle, you need 50 calories to maintain it. If you want to increase your muscle mass , you need to eat 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight.

Protein Sources
Turkey Breast
•Chicken Breast
•Ground turkey
•White fish
•Canned Tuna in low sodium water
•egg whites
•Whey protein
•Non fat Greek yogurt
•Nonfat fair life milk
•Pea and Brown rice protein


NeoCell Collagen shake

Complex carbohydrates and fats vary because some people, like myself, respond to carbohydrates and not as well to fats.


Complex Carbohydrate options:

•Brown rice
•Wild rice
•Yam, Sweet Potatoes
•Whole grain breads
•Brown rice pasta




Organic Coconut Oil

•Fish Oil omega 3,6 & 9


•olive oil, canola oil and unsaturated oils

•nuts and seeds 


Try to limit fats in the beginning and eat the complex carbohydrates with proteins. If you have a special condition which does not allow you to eat the above-mentioned foods, and you are one who does better eating proteins and fats, be sure you know how many calories you're consuming.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of protein =4 calories
1 gram of carbohydrates =4 calories

As you can see 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carbohydrates combined is less calories than 1 gram of fat.
This is why I opt for this combination.

Here is a sample of my nutrition plan

Meal 1
1/2 cup cooked oats
4-5 egg whites cooked with Pam
1/2 grapefruit

Water in between each meal
Meal 2
3 oz ground turkey
1/2 cup brown rice
6 pieces asparagus

3 oz yam
1 Cup plain nonfat Greek Yogurt


Post workout
Protein Shake
1/2 frozen banana or mixed berries
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Last meal
4 oz turkey breast
3 oz yam or 1/4 c wild rice
1 cup broccoli

This works for me and I often have vegetables with protein for my last meal.
If I train later in the day I will need carbohydrates for recovery and I also drink smart water for electrolytes.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan you will modify this to suit your needs. You may need to consume 2 protein shakes per day and try to get most of your protein from egg whites or carbohydrate sources and try to limit fats.

This is only in the beginning when you are trying to lose weight. You can add your fats back in later but slowly.

Adding exercise makes this process even faster


60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise burns 500 calories per day so after 7 days, you will have lost 1 pound.
Create a deficit in your calorie consumption and burning calories through exercise can help you lose 2 pounds of fat per week. This may sound like a slow process but that is the healthiest way to lose weight. Two pounds per week to be sure that it is not muscle and water you are losing.


Using kettlebells is the fastest way to tone up while doing cardiovascular exercise.  A Kettlebell specific workout will use every muscle in your body and keep them elongated so that you don't bulk up. The design of the Kettlebell  is unique and allows you to work on several planes of motion and your body must adapt to this movement by recruiting more muscles at one time without isolation of any one specific group. This is how you build long lean muscles while burning a lot more calories in 20 minutes than you would if you were walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Kettlebell workouts have been proven to burn about 20 calories per minute and even more after the workout. Get fit much faster and sculpt your body in this fashion. 


 Kettlebell training three times per week a minimum of 20 minutes per session and you will see amazing results.

 If you are new to kettlebells and don't know where to start you can purchase my Kettlebell Bombshell DVDs here or try my online Kettlebell Bombshell Course 


 If you are intermediate to advanced you can join my KBBS membership group 

 Here is a workout to get you started



Dec 28, 2015 11:442 years ago

My latest Kettlebell course

My latest Kettlebell course

I'm so excited about my latest project, an intermediate course on Kettlebell training.

This course is a follow up to my original Foundation Exercises for Kettlebells course on Curious


Curious is a really cool website for teachers. Teachers who are looking for students and students who want more than just follow along workouts.

In my course as you go through the tutorial sections, there are questions about each chapter to make sure that you fully understand everything.
You will do more than watch the workouts and follow along, you will be engaged in the learning process and have a better understanding of each exercise.

Follow along workouts

After learning each exercise, I put together three different follow along workouts to show you how to begin using everything you've learned.

These exercises and workouts will build upon my first Kettlebell course ,foundation exercises. Some of the exercises in the first course are still intermediate level to advanced, but they are also the foundation of Kettlebell training.

In the intermediate course you will learn

•Wood Chopper Lunges and Squats
•Overhead Squats and Lunges
•Full Body Moves Turkish Get Ups
Swing Catch Squats
•Deck squats
•Two Hands Anyhow
•Proper warm up and cool down
•Double Snatches
•Double Bell Workouts

And more!

So if you're looking to learn more about Kettlebells, or you don't even know where to begin, check out my Kettlebell courses that are loaded with information and workouts.

Here's a video to show you what you will learn

Dec 9, 2015 07:273 years ago

Primal Pet Food Give Away

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great day! I am so excited to tell you that I will be hosting a Primal Pet Food (Freeze Dried Formula ONLY) Give Away! 

Primal Pet Food

I am an advocate for fitness and health, so it's only natural that I would want to look after my pets health as well. 

What we consume daily effects our weight, mood, energy levels and over all well being. We have a choice everyday but our pets do not. it is up to us to make choices for our pets that not only taste good but is also loaded with good nutrition. 

A raw diet will give your dog or cat the best possible nutrition and weight management. I will be posting the details of the give away on my blog post Thursday 9/11/2014 


Let's get our pets in shape, or at least on their way, by starting  with the best nutrition we can possibly give them! This dog food has changed my dogs lives.

This pet food has helped with:

•Weight Loss



•Bowel Movements (both size and frequency)


In the mean time follow @PrimalPet and me @kbellbombshell on twitter and we will get our pets #PrimalFit

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See What People Are Saying About Kettlebell Bombshell DVDs

Tweets and Facebook Feedback 

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Kettlebell Bombshell: Get FitRadio Today and Amp Your Workouts!

So many of you know how much I love and listen to FitRadio. In fact, I like it so much that I asked the owner of City Athletic Club to play it in the gym. 

He also really liked it because he did!! 

The thing that makes my workouts the most productive and more enjoyable is the music I listen to. 

FitRadio makes it possible for me to hear what I want and the way I like it. The commercial free version is an upgrade if you do not like interuptions but the original version is absolutely FREE!! 

This is why my training is SO much fun.

Here are some it her reasons you should check it out for yourself;

•All songs and genres are mixed by top DJ's

•A wide variety of genres

•The option for FREE music or you can upgrade your account to commercial free. 

•My very own mix, KbellBombshell is under the FitFluential station

You will have to check it out for yourself. You can also sign up with Facebook so it takes no time at all. 

Do yourself a favor and get motivated to workout when the best music is playing. 

Jan 6, 2014 12:484 years ago

$10 Gift Card from Reebok When You Sign Up As A Fitness Professional

ReebokONE Crossfit clothing   is giving anyone who signs up as a professional fitness trainer on the Reebok one platform a $10 gift card until June 30.

Not only is this a great way to connect with other trainers and fitness professionals, it  is also a social media platform like Facebook called "The Pulse" which allows you to update status, comment with friends on posts, and like other content. You can also use it as your own website or blog. The content provided by other trainers is free information and you can post your own videos, have discussions, advertise for your business with a vanity URL of your choice. All of these perks are completely FREE and you will receive 25% discount on all merchandise that you purchase from Reebok. com website just for being on the site.

 Reebok shoes

Not only is this a great opportunity, it's a place for you to be found and taken seriously as a fitness professional since you will be affiliated with  one of the top brands in the fitness world like Reebok! 

Sign up today and mention me in the "How'd you hear about us" section. I do not get compensated for the referral but I am trying to grow the site and would love to be recognized since I am an ambassador. Please follow me after signing on and I will always reciprocate! 

Looking forward to connecting with you and reading your content too. Thank you :) 

Reebok clothing

Jun 20, 2013 06:595 years ago

Kettlebell Bombshell I'm Featured In My Mad Methods Magazine

Magazine article

My Mad Methods Magazines first issues dedicated to women who use unconventional training methods. This is such an honor to be featured along with Donica Storino, Yoana Teran, Lauren Brooks, Kat Ljubicic, Angie Pyie and more. This is going to be an unbelievable issue that may lead to more coverage with our unique  unconventional training methods  that revolutionizes fitness. 

Interesting views on exercise from Kettlebells, Crossfit, Rugby, Pilates, and more. Get your copy today it's only $7.99 

May 28, 2013 07:415 years ago

Adding Recipes to my Blog

I am happy to announce that I will be adding a nutrition section to my blog.


I have been working with many different clients throughout my career. I have helped them all attain their fitness goals. Some of them are athletes who require sports nutrition. Weight-loss clients who want to change their body composition,  and Figure competitors who need to be ready for the stage.

No matter what type of goal you have, your nutrition will always play a major role. All workouts are 99% effective if the nutrition is 100% accurate for the fitness goal.

Helping people is always something that I have been passionate about. Changing their lives, by giving them the Master Key to success with diet and exercise, is a pleasure for me when they take this knowledge and move towards their goal without looking back. 

"It's better to teach you how to fish rather than give you fish" that is something that all of us have heard at least once in our lifetime and as we all know the rewards come from doing things on our own. Cooking for yourself and learning how to feed your family in a way that taste delicious and is still healthy, is something that everyone should learn!

This is a skill and also a necessity! You can do the most for yourself and the most for your family by taking the steps toward living a healthy lifestyle. 



Apr 21, 2013 21:305 years ago

Join Reebok ONE network If You Are A Fitness Instructor

I'm excited to announce that I am  an ambassador for Reebok One. This is a cool networking site for Fitness Professionals and a great way to better the fitness community. 

 #ReebokONE #FitFluential 

By Simply having a profile on the network, fitness instructors gain access to:

Exclusive Content

25% Discount on Reebok product

10% Commission on all sales generated through the site

A Professional Fitness profile

If you decided to sign up on the site, please put my name in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" Box. 

Sign up today and start networking for more exposure! 

Feb 28, 2013 07:235 years ago

NeoCell's New Beauty Products


NeoCell has launched two great new beauty products that are for the hair, skin and nails. Beauty Bursts and Collagen Beauty Builder.

Neocell's beauty bursts are gourmet collagen soft chews have 2000 mg of collagen lactose-free gluten-free and no artificial flavors.

 Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious.  NeoCell beauty bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in a delectable gourmet soft chews 
 Collagen type I &3  is the bodies beauty protein and strengthens skin hair and nails.
Hyaluronic  acid is known as "Nature's Moisturizer" and hydrates the skin. Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin. Together, these three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out. 
The Collagen Beauty Builder Supplement 
Collagen  Beauty Builder is an all-natural nutraceutical solution for youthful, radiant skin in all overall beauty- beauty that starts from the inside. Loss of elasticity in the skin, thinning hair and brittle nails are common signs of aging that are the result of diminished collagen levels in the body. 
Bioactive Super Collagen
contains 19 amino acids that helps sustain collagen levels and aging skin as well as assist in rebuilding the skin matrix
Hyaluronic Acid
Is a water loving nutrient that hydrates the tissues and promotes elasticity
Alpha Lipoic Acid &Biotin
Are powerful nutrients that protect and enhance collagen formation
Is a crucial building block for strength and elasticity in the skin. 
 All of these ingredients are in Neocell's Collagen Beauty Builder 
I am so excited to try this awesome product and blog about my opinion and results! 

Jan 14, 2013 19:005 years ago

Sparkly Soul Ambassador 2013

I'm very excited to announce that I am an ambassador for Sparkly Soul Inc. 

This is a great company that makes fashionable headbands that not only sparkle, they also do not slip!

I started wearing my Sparkly Soul headband after I saw them on Twitter and I knew this product was for me. I compete in kettlebell sport, and I need to keep my hair out of my eyes without worrying if it will slip off of my head, like most headbands do. 

 I have a very small head and I've tried similar products that weren't nearly as pretty or functional as Sparkly Soul. Any other headband I tried would slip off right in the middle of my workout. This is annoying and when I'm training for Kettlebell Sport, I can't stop my workout to adjust an accessory that should be helping me. 

I brought them to my Kettlebell class at City Athletic Club for my clients to try. They did an hour of Kettlebells and Pilates and they each had the same response, they loved them! 

Two of my clients ordered more of the Sparkly Soul Headbands in their favorite colors. They have so many colors to choose from that you will no doubt find one you will love! 

So if you are looking for the perfect accessory that's truly functional and fashionable order yours today! 

Jan 12, 2013 12:485 years ago

Jump start January with a Phenomenal Fitness Goals

So January is here and you are trying to step up your training program ,since the holidays have wrecked havoc on your nutrition plan. It's very normal to go off of your regular plan and indulge in deserts and other holiday treats. I was a sugar Cookie Monster growing up and still love them around the holidays. 

Yes ,well as I have told you before, I love pizza, muffins, egg nog and the list goes on and on, but when it's time to seriously train for a Figure Competition or Kettlebell Sport Meet, I have to change everything about my lifestyle and get focused! 

I just recently decided to compete in Kettlebell Sport Competition after taking 18 months off from training. I was still working out hard, but Girevoy Sport (GS) is an endurance sport like no other. You can't head into it without a game plan, and if you're serious, that takes months of preparation. 


I decided to try Snatch instead of Clean and Jerk (Long Cycle) I have never competed in this event because it's the most difficult exercise for me. I actually hate it and decided to get really good at it instead. This is the way I overcome my weaknesses and make it my strength. 


You can do the exact same thing with your own training. For example, say you have great arms but your back muscles are weak, try to focus on doing pull ups. This will build strength and still works your arms. If you always do cardio but skip the weight room, try to weight train at a faster pace or superset, this way you get the aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Muscle burns fat and speeds up your metabolism ,which allows you to eat more calories too.


 What ever your goals are write them down!! Honestly make a list and however small it may seem, start with THAT and make it your first step to a bigger goal. Shake up your training and get help with your nutrition. Download the My Fitness Pal App on your smart phone so you can track your calories, workouts and progress. This app is awesome, you can use it to interact with your friends, share ideas and interact with one another. You can be on my friend list too ;) 


Make 2014 the year that you accomplish something phenomenal with your fitness! If its to run a 5 K, join a gym or fit into a swimsuit just DO IT!! 

Jan 7, 2013 21:175 years ago

Training For Kettlebell Competition

I'm so lucky to have a great and knowledgable coach like Marty. He is amazing and has improved my technique in Snatch so that I can actually perform ten minute sets. Everytime you train improperly you will get an injury. Many people experience this with the Snatch, it's usually ripped hands and that is a technique issue. You have to learn the proper way to catch the bell as it descends and if it's wrong, you will tear your hands open like a gymnast on the uneven bars. 

Kettlebell Competition is gaining popularity in this country and who knows, maybe one day it will become an Olympic event. Above I am posting my ten minute set that I did with 10 kgs over 80 repetions each side. Now you don't have to watch the entire video, but I want you to see how important this is so that you can do more with your sets and maybe you are interested in becoming a Kettlebell Sport Competitor as well. 

Jan 7, 2013 14:585 years ago

Goodbye 2012! A New Year, A New You!

Well today is the last time we will ever have to write 2012!

I love the New Year! The possibilities are endless and we can dream big and follow our hearts into the future. 

For some of us it will mean a resolution of workouts, weight loss and working on ourselves. I am aiming for my own goals and they are to compete in Girevoy Sport and achieve a higher rank in the IKFF or IKSFA organization. 

I also want to build a community on my website where you all can come and interact with each other and myself. I want the members to have special perks that a regular guest will not have without being registered. I want to make lots of changes and I want them to benefit YOU! 

I will be posting lots more workouts and fitness tips to help you achieve YOUR goals too! 

This video blog I posted on my YouTube channel and I will share it with you here. 

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for a great 2012 and an even better 2013!!

Dec 31, 2012 19:585 years ago

Register as a Member for FREE workout videos

Sign up and become a Kettlebell Bombshell and you will receive FREE videos and more each week! I am so excited to bring you new content and 2013 will be a huge success with your fitness and weight loss goals! Become a part of a community that cares about you and you reaching your goals! I will be here to help you every step of the way! Lets do this together! Sign up today and get started! 

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Featured on #FitFluential YouTube Channel

FitFluential LLC now has a YouTube Channel for Workouts which are made simple to use at home. The FitFluential MOVES will feature me, along with other great FitFluential ambassadors. We will be sharing cool recipes for success with fitness on the FitFluential EATS channel to help you with nutrition for fitness along with the Gluten Free Ambassador Jill Hanner. 

Subscribe to these channels to help you along the way and get motivated to workout at home or anywhere on the road!

Nov 25, 2012 08:056 years ago

I'm moving to City Athletic Club

November 1, 2012 I will be starting my Kettlebell Classes at City Athletic Club

This Club is more than your average gym. This Athletic Club offers so many things under one roof. Kettlebell Bombshell classes, Crossfit, Swimming and more weight machines and it has an unbelievable energy! Come check it out. 

Oct 13, 2012 09:376 years ago

Lisa Balash offers Online Training for Figure Competitors

I was a Figure Competitor and Winner of the Emerald Cup in 2004 Figure Tall Class. I know what it takes to get in competition shape. 

Let me help you with my contest prep that is specialized for your needs. I offer a variety of services and I know I can help you get into the best shape of your life! 

Contact me for your individualized plan! 

Sep 29, 2012 13:106 years ago

President Obama Using Kettlebell bombshell workout

Watch this for a good laugh! President obama may try my DVDs to change up the Insanity Workout he is currently using! Just for fun, election humor!

Sep 15, 2012 10:236 years ago

Kettlebell Cartoon with Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan

Kettlebell Bombshell on the campaign trail to keep candidates fit! Watch this funny animation of Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton as they discuss my Workout DVD.

Sep 8, 2012 20:556 years ago

Group Training is back!

Group Training is Back!!

Minimum of 4 private or Semi Private Sessions MANDATORY!

Group unlimited monthly

Aug 28, 2012 17:586 years ago

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